Badgells Wood - Kent

Our natural play space design for Badgells Wood Campsite was part of a wider scheme to enhance the existing regenerative tourism offer which is centred around an immersive experience of engaging the public directly with a managed Ancient Woodland habitat.  

With our experience in sustainable green wood carpentry and natural play design the Birling Estate commissioned us to create a play tower and associated equipment centred around a standing dead oak tree habitat.  This central play space for the campsite had the aim of focusing play away from the wider ancient woodland to protect its ecology.  Designs were developed to sourced green chestnut directly from the wood, mill it on the estate and craft the play tower in-situ.  Consultation with ROSPA was undertaken to review the design and ensure it was safe and fit for purpose.

Badgells Orginal
Original site photo


Client: Birling Estate
Private Campsite
Duration: 2022-2023
Status: Complete
Size: 400m2


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