Broadridge Farm - Devon

Located in the Culm grasslands of rural North Devon, Broadridge Farm forms the heart of the shared landowner rewilding project Dayshul Brake.

Working in collaboration with Assemble, Hortus Collective have been commissioned to provide a regenerative landscape design for the interstitial spaces of the former intensive dairy farm and surrounding pastoral fields.  The brief builds on the family’s hands on actions, undertaking a restorative process on the land that addresses the important issues of ecological degradation of our rural environment.  Beavers have been introduced to re-wild the wider landscape and our work seeks to transition the re-purposed barns into this wildland through an emphasis on new layers of horticulture and ecological planting based on restorative agriculture principles.  The proposals creatively instil circular economy approaches to reduce carbon footprint and make use of locally sourced materials. 

The masterplan includes an agroforestry orchard, food forest shelterbelts, and productive gardens associated with the former barn yards and working spaces. 

Original site photo
Original site photo


Type: Private Farm Estate
Duration: 2020-to date
Status: Construction
Size: 5 hectares (of 72 hectares)


Client: Dorette Engi
Architect: Assemble
Structural Engineer: Structure Workshop
Drainage Engineer: Genever & Partners
Waller: West Country Walls
Metalworker: West Country Blacksmiths